Pornstar Harem

Pornstar Harem is the free porn game that's sure to please porn fans. Developed by the same team behind Hentai HeroesYou'll find all your favorite porn actresses (Riley Reid, Sasha Grey, Abella Danger, etc.).

The principle of the game is quite similar to Comix Harem and Hentai Heroes, you'll be able to recruit girls to your harem in the same way. In this article, learn all there is to know about the Pornstar Harem porn game.

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🎮 Type Narrative / RPG / Gacha
🖌️ Graphic design Pornographic images and photos
📱 Support Computer, smartphone and tablet
📙 Language French (beta), English
⭐ Note 5/5

Pornstar Harem : Description

If you're looking for a game like Hentai Heroes or Comix Harem, but drawings aren't your thing, Pornstar Harem is the porn game for you. Play as a young, down-and-out developer who, after receiving the blessing of the angelic Shawna, begins his quest to become porn's greatest emperor.


Pornstar Harem is a predominantly narrative game, so the story is one of the most important aspects of this porn game. In Pornstar Harem, you play the role of a young developer who wants to create a porn site that respects actresses, offering them the best working conditions and the pay they deserve.

Suddenly, the landlady of the apartment where our struggling dev' lives knocks on her door. Instead of asking for the rent like she usually does, the landlady asks our hero to come over before savagely jumping on his dick.

Taking advantage of the situation, but not really understanding what's going on, the future king of porn is filled with doubts. These are quickly dispelled when an angel named Shawna appears to answer his questions. The divine Shawna explains to our hero that he has been chosen to be her champion in an angelic tournament.

Each champion is given powers by the angel who chose them. Our hero's powers enable him to appear to all women as the man they most desire.

This power will come in very handy if you want to win the Tournament of Angels. Indeed, to win this competition, our champion will have to assemble the biggest harem of them all and become the biggest porn actor of them all. It's up to you to help him in his quest, and watch the erotic saga of a struggling developer who wants to become the biggest fucker of them all.

Pornstar Harem's scenario, though a bit naff, is fun to follow. Porn videos and films are wont to present us with slapstick situations. Despite being a porn game, Pornstar Harem is no exception to this rule - after all, the game is set in a universe where porn is the angels' favorite form of entertainment.


As mentioned earlier, Pornstar Harem's gameplay is similar if not identical to that of Hentai Heroes (or Harem Heroes) and Comix Harem.

Your main objective is to add as many girls as possible to your harem. Having more chicks in your harem will ultimately enable you to make them more "powerful" and reach higher ranks in PvP modes. Like its predecessors, Pornstar Harem is a totally free porn game.


Adventure mode is Pornstar Harem's main mode. Here you can spend your energy to progress through the various scenarios. Energy is a limited resource that can be recharged over time or by using gold ingots.

As you progress through adventure mode, you can add more new girls to your harem and unlock numerous rewards. If you want to progress in the game, it's important to use your energy daily in adventure mode. And it's in this mode that you'll find the game's sexiest content.


Leagues are Pornstar Harem's main player-versus-player mode. To participate, you'll need a minimum of 3 girls in your harem and have a minimum player level at 20. League mode uses a different resource than energy; to take part, you'll spend challenge tokens. A challenge token recharges every 30 minutes, but you can use gold ingots to recharge your challenge tokens in the same way as with energy.

If you're one of the top 15 players in your league by the end of the season, you'll progress to the next league. At the end of each league season, you'll collect valuable rewards such as fragments of girls, orbs and gold ingots.

The number of rewards you earn is determined by the league and rank at which you are ranked. For example, the top player in the most advanced league will win 6 Mythic Orbs, 50 Girl Fragments and 7,218 Gold Ingots. As you can see, in view of the rewards that league mode can provide, it's important to do your utmost. your fights regularly.


Visit Season Pass is Pornstar Harem's second PvP mode. Although league mode is Pornstar Harem's "main" PvP mode, you're more likely to unlock season mode first, as there is no level requirement to participate. To participate in the seasons, you just need three girls in your harem.

Seasons are linked to a kind of "Combat Pass". To unlock Pass rewards, you need to win battles against other players. The resources needed to participate in the seasons are "Kisses".

A Kiss takes 1 h to recharge, so if you want to play again more quickly, you can use your gold bars to recharge them completely. In each season, you'll find two exclusive girls to unlock and many other rewards.

By default, you only have access to half of the rewards available in the Pass, but for €4.99, you can unlock the other half, giving you access to all the rewards of the season pass.. The Season Pass is undoubtedly Pornstar Harem's most advantageous offer, so if you're going to put money into this porn game, this is the one you should invest in.


There aren't really any "graphics" to speak of on Pornstar Harem. The game is essentially made up of pornographic images and photos, no 3D or Hentai graphics in this porn game. But don't be disappointed, the images this porn game does feature are of excellent quality. With their superb quality pornographyPornstar Harem will press the right buttons to heat up your body and mind.

If you're more of a photography fan than a porn video enthusiast, this porn game is sure to please. Even if pictures aren't your thing, and you swear by porn videos to get your leek polished, Pornstar Harem will be able to warm you up before you get down to business.

Pornstar Harem : How to play ?

Pornstar Harem is a porn game totally free. To play, simply launch the game on your browser, no installation required. To play Pornstar Harem for free and become the biggest porn actor in the Haremverse, click on the button below.

On smartphones, there is unfortunately no application yet available. However, you can still play Pornstar Harem on your mobile's browser. In the same way as for launching the game on your computer, click on the button below to launch Pornstar Harem on your phone.

Pornstar Harem : Shop and Free Gold Ingots

As we said earlier, you can play Pornstar Harem for free. All you need to do is click on one of the buttons in this article to play the porn game on your browser. If you want to speed up your progress and enhance your experience on Pornstar Harem, you can use your real money in exchange for premium currency (gold bars) and a few services.

Gold ingots

Gold bullion is the premium currency from Pornstar Harem. Although it's possible to get them for free, the easiest, quickest and most effective way is to buy them with money. Gold bars can be used to perform a wide variety of actions in this porn game.

With this valuable resource, you can recharge your energy, kisses or league tokens. Gold bars also allow you to to summon girls and items, and collect the money given to you by the women in your harem much more quickly.

In short, gold bars are a very versatile currency in Pornstar Harem, and if you have a certain number, you can use them for just about anything in the game. However, if you're a free-to-play player (who doesn't spend any money), we'd advise you to invest your ingots in energy recharging instead.

If you'd like to get the game off to a good start, click on one of the buttons in this article to register with Pornstar Harem, then validate your e-mail address. You'll immediately be credited with 150 gold bars, free of charge.

Monthly Cards

Buying monthly cards is a smart way to invest your money in the game. Pornstar Harem's monthly cards offer a wide range of rewards at a very attractive price. Pornstar Harem offers three monthly cards with different rates and benefits to suit all budgets.

As the name suggests, monthly cards last for a month, during which you'll earn rewards every day. The monthly cash card (the cheapest) gives you 60 gold bars, 2 kisses and 50 gems per day, i.e. a total of 1,800 bars, 60 kisses and 150 gems for €2.99. Monthly cards offer other benefits in addition to a daily supply of resources.

For example, the platinum cardThe most expensive of the three cards (€29.99) provides you with a large number of resources, 13 additional team slots and special offers on the Marketplace and Night-Club. All in all, if you want to spend money on the game, the monthly cards are one of the best offers available alongside the Season Pass.

Season Pass

As mentioned earlier, Seasons is a PvP (Player vs. Player) mode that can be unlocked early on in Pornstar Harem. The different seasons all come with a sort of "Battle Pass" called a "Season Pass". Although half of the rewards are available for free, you can unlock twice as many. for only €4.99.

The Pass allows you to unlock two exclusive girls as well as numerous other rewards, millions of Tickets, epic and legendary items, orbs to use at the Night-Club and lots of other rewards. The Season Pass is quite simply one of Pornstar Harem's best offers, so if you want to invest the minimum amount of money in the porn game while enjoying a host of benefits, the Season Pass is the way to go.


If you're familiar with the principle of gacha, the Night-Club (or Boite de Nuit) should speak to you. In fact, it's in the Night-Club tab that you'll find the various summoning portals. In exchange for orbs or ingots, these "portals" allow you to attempt to summon objects or girls.

It's undoubtedly the fastest and most efficient way to expand your harem. At present, only two portals are available in Pornstar Harem, but certain events or updates may unlock new ones.


Pornstar Harem: Advantages and Disadvantages

Pornstar Harem is an excellent free porn game. During our test, we noted several advantages as well as a few shortcomings.


  • Completely free
  • Superb quality photos
  • No download
  • Compatible with smartphone, computer and tablet
  • Many famous actresses to unlock in the game
  • Captivating storyline


  • No smartphone application
  • Some translations missing
  • Interface (Beta)


Here are the most frequently asked questions about Pornstar Harem:

❤️ Can Pornstar Harem be played for free?

Pornstar Harem is a free browser-based porn game. You can progress through the game without spending a single euro.

🍑 Is it possible to play Pornstar Harem on the phone?

You can play Pornstar Harem on your smartphone browser. Unfortunately, no app is yet available, but the game works perfectly on the browser.

❤️ Should I download Pornstar Harem?

No need, Pornstar Harem is a browser-based porn game. Use one of the links in this article to receive 150 ingots when you register.

🍑 How do I unlock league mode?

To unlock league mode, you need to be level 20 and have a minimum of three girls in your harem.

Pornstar Harem: Our conclusion

Although still very new, Pornstar Harem looks to be a promising porn game. It's a game with a good storyline (for a porn game), enticing images and photographs, and gameplay that's diversifying. The game offers new updates on a regular basis.

Click on the button below to join the struggling young developer in his fierce battle to become the biggest porn actor in the Haremverse.

If you're a hentai fan and want to play a porn game similar to Pornstar Harem, check out our review of Hentai Heroes. Hentai Heroes is a game with hentai style and graphics.

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Pornstar Harem
Pornstar Harem

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